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Joel Salatin brings 'Fields of Farmers' to Oceania 2014 


Do you Eat, Buy or Grow Food?

Bookings are now flowing in so don’t miss out on this very special opportunity to see Joel Salatin, the “World’s Most Innovative Farmer” (TIME) in Oceania this February & March.

Join Joel, joined by his daughter-in-law Sheri & son Daniel Salatin on this Fields of Farmers Tour and discover how you can change not only the way you can farm but also the way we all eat & buy food whilst helping to create a viable future for the localised food system. 

This series of one day seminars tackle head on the major issues of improving local food access, increasing the terms of trade & profitability of agricultural enterprises, regenerating & continuing family farms, and market to a new generation of consumers hungry to spend their money on great food produced in regenerative farming systems. 

Star of the Academy Award-nominated Food Inc. (+ the upcoming ‘Polyfaces’ documentary!!), Joel Salatin is the world’s leading advocate for local food systems and with his son Daniel are two of the best farmers in the world. The 4 generations of Salatin’s manage Polyface Farms in the historic Shenandoah Valley in Virginia (USA). This 220ha powerhouse of grassfed production supplies directly over 5000 families plus more than 10 retail outlets & 50 restaurants all within a 3 hour drive of the farm, the Polyface ‘Foodshed’, whilst employing more than 20 people turning & over more than $2 million annually. 

Sounds good? Want to know more? Want a free copy of the Joel's latest book Fields of Farmers? (included with every ticket!!)

Then BOOK TODAY at www.JoelSalatin.com.au & reserve your place at this groundbreaking event. 

23rd FebruaryAuckland (NZ/Aotearoa) - Auckland Grammar School
25th February
Taree (NSW) - Manning Entertainment Centre
28th February
Launceston (TAS) - Worldview Centre of Intercultural Studies
2nd March
Angaston (SA) - Barossa Farmers Market
4th March
Manjimup (WA) - Manjimup Town Hall


Launceston (TAS) - NRM North - $50 rebate on the Community/Partners Ticket ($156/each) for eligible small landholders. Apply HERE
Angaston (SA) - PIRSA - $50 rebate on the Community/Partners Ticket ($156/each) - only 80 tickets available. Info HERE
Manjimup (WA) - Southern Forests Food Council - $50 rebate on the Community/Partners Ticket for SFFC members - only 40 available! Apply HERE

PLEASE SHARE THIS with anyone you know who #EatsBuysGrows Food!!

Thanks & See You There!

Lisa Heenan, Isaebella Doherty & Darren Doherty 

Directors of Regrarians Ltd. 

Regrarians Ltd. is an Australian-base not-for-profit enterprise whose Directors have for over 20 years worked with producers & consumers around Australia and in more than 47 countries around the world, helping them to understand ways to farm and live that regenerate soils, farms, landscapes & communities. 


"Double your income without working harder"

"Increase sales without picking up the phone"

"Grow your farm while reducing your hours in the field"

"Double production and build soil"

"Finance your future with a forever farm"

"Spend more time doing what you enjoy"

"As you age, don't slow down;  speed up with youthful partners"


Polyface Farms & the Salatin Family are leading figures in the future face of our food system: how we grow it, buy it and eat it. Our 'Polyfaces' documentary trailer is the best thing going around to show you why what this farm, family, consumer community and global legion of followers agree. Watch it by clicking the Polyfaces picture and understand why!


Weekly Times - "Joel Salatin's Sustainable Argument" - February 12, 2014 - Sarah Hudson
Bendigo Advertiser - "American Agrarian puts Succession back in the spotlight again" - February 4th, 2013 - Eloise Johnstone
Facebook - Event Page
Twitter Tags - #FieldsOfFarmers, #EatBuyGrow, @PolyfaceFarms, @JoelSalatin, @Regrarians

Joel Salatin Bio

Joel Salatin works alongside his wife Teresa, son Daniel, daughter Rachel, daughter-in-law SheriApprentices, Interns, Rental Farmers, Staff & Animals to manage Polyface Farms in the Swoope region of Virginia, USA. Joel wows packed audiences of all walks of life wherever he goes with his version of what he calls 'Agritainment'. 

Joel has been labelled 'The World's Most Innovative Farmer' by Time Magazine, & is the author of 9 books, countless articles, & has led seminars & courses leaving tens of thousands changed in the way they spend, eat, farm & live. 

Joel's most recent title is 'Fields of Farmers' will be a best seller & further expands this Heinz Award winner’s profile & message across the world. 

A man who truly walks his talk is a must-see wherever he goes with his capacity to communicate the means by which consumers can engage with farmers & how farmers can take control of not just production but also succession, processing, distribution & marketing.

(Read the Fairfax Media 'Good Weekend' Article 'Greener Pastures' featured in 'The Age' & 'The Sydney Morning Herald' by Regrarians Alumni, Farmer & Journalist, Mark Whittaker)

Daniel Salatin Bio

Daniel Salatin (USA)

Daniel Salatin is the son of Joel & Teresa Salatin, and is the Manager of Polyface Farms Inc. As the third generation on Polyface farm in Swoope, Virginia, he has grown up in the family business.

Polyface services more than 5,000 families, 10 retail outlets, & 50 restaurants through on-farm sales & metropolitan buying clubs with salad bar beef, pastured poultry, eggmobile eggs, pigaerator pork, forage-based rabbits, pastured turkey & forestry products through relationship marketing. 

A self-confessed 'home school drop-out', Daniel was always going to be a great regenerative farmer having gone from carrying freshly processed chickens while in nappies, to running & over-seeing the day-to-day workings of Polyface. As a seven-year old he started a pastured rabbit enterprise, which has had its ups & downs but continues today. Starting the rabbit business gave him first hand experience with marketing, processing, research & development, & the costs of a new business. 

Today Daniel is fully employed by the farm & spends his days orchestrating animal movement, scheduling daily tasks & apprentice training. At thirty-one, Daniel is married to wife Sheri Salatin & has two sons Travis & Andrew & one daughter Lauryn.

Sheri Salatin Bio

Sheri Salatin (USA)

Sheri Salatin is the marketing director at Polyface Farm and stay-at-home mom of three children. Sheri is passionate about clean food and enjoys working the land along side her husband, Daniel.

Originally from a farm in Texas, Sheri was influential in getting the buying clubs up & running, starting at 30 families and in just a few years now oversees 25 drop locations throughout Virginia, Maryland & Washington DC with over 5,000 families. The buying clubs are nurtured under her direct oversight and she is the go-to person for all questions about marketing to metropolitan areas.

Through real life experiences, Sheri has honed her skills and shares some of the best ways to approach and sell to some of the top chefs in the world.

Polyface services more than 5,000 families, 10 retail outlets, and 50 restaurants through on-farm sales and metropolitan buying clubs with salad bar beef, pastured poultry, eggmobile eggs, pigaerator pork, forage-based rabbits, pastured turkey and forestry products through relationship marketing.

Today Sheri spends her days juggling marketing, website maintenance, blogging, motherhood, and farming.  At thirty-three, Sheri is married to husband Daniel and has two sons Travis and Andrew and one daughter Lauryn.

DisclosureRegrarians Ltd. is Mr. Joel Salatin's International Agent & creates a financial incentive for itself via the promotion of Joel Salatin and by placing a margin on events that Regrarians promotes featuring Joel Salatin. 

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